The Economic Class includes  Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class,
Investors, Entrepreneurs,Caring for children and people with medical needs, Self-employed and Live-in Caregivers. It also includes Provincial Nominee Programs which are discussed separately.
For a FSW, FST or CEC applicant they will first complete the federal online “Come  to Canada” and when the application has been deemed eligible to apply for one of these economic programs they will then submit an Express Entry profile online. Upon completion of the Express Entry profile, the applicant will be assigned points based on factors such as education, work experience,language, skills and other criteria such as a job offer or provincial nomination. The applicant is ranked based on the number of points. This ranking of the applicant helps in the selection of those who will be the most successful immigrants for Permanent Residence. If the applicant  is accepted, their name will be held in the Express Entry pool for up to 1 year. If the applicant receives an Invitation to Apply for a Permanent residence they will have 60 days for completion of the Permanent residence application. All forms must be consistent with all the information supplied in the EE profile.  Our team is ready to help you with your application. We are here to help ensure that all of your required documents and support letters are completed thoroughly, accurately and on time.